Monday, February 17, 2014

Balancing act

In the last couple of months I have come to realize how much I truly love what I do. That if given the option, I would choose to continue to work as opposed to staying home full time with Elliot. Why does that realization make me feel so guilty? After women have fought for the right to work and be seen as equals in our society for so long why do I feel like the minority among modern moms. After reading several other blogs and articles that have been passed around the social media network saying that I am damaging my child by allowing other people to "raise" him three days a week, I have pondered on what I hope to be teaching him through my everyday actions.

My typical work day consists of getting up and having coffee with my husband and watching some toons with Elliot. We say goodbye to Dada and I make breakfast for E. I make him an omelet and try to get him to eat all of it before stuffing his face with whatever fresh fruit he has that morning. I try to get in a lot of snuggles before 9:30 hits and there is the knock on the door from the sitter. Elliot has been having major separation anxiety which doesn't help the guilt complex, but I know he will be fine within five minutes of me leaving the house. While i am at work I get to laugh, and cry with people who actually spend money to spend time with ME. I get to turn peoples bad days into great weeks, and I get to give the gift of touch. All of my clients know I have a wild toddler at home and I think about him constantly. My job is not my "break" from being mommy, I am proud to be mommy no matter where I am or what I am doing. When I get home from work I am so happy to be greeted by little chubby feet padding across the floor to me. Getting to squeeze and kiss and love on him. We try to sit down together as a family and have dinner but sometimes that doesn't happen and he eats alone in his high chair while we ask about each others days. Before bed we sit in front of the fire, Elliot curled up on my lap, and we read about bulldozers, and trains. I get as many kisses as possible after that last book and the first "nigh nigh."

On my days off, our morning start much the same; coffee, breakfast, snuggles. But it is followed by vacuuming floors while being chased by a screaming banshee. Typically Elliot takes a late morning nap in which i squeeze as much as i possibly can into. I clean my kitchen, I mop the floors, I do everything I would do if I was home 7 days in a couple of 2 hour time periods. Grocery lists come next followed by the actual trip to the stores once Elliot is up. Over the years I have really started to enjoy cooking, and making meals for my family is one of my favorite pastimes. I would love to say I make wonderful homemade dinners every night, but that would be a lie. Some nights I make things that I like to think would be considered gourmet and other nights we do pb&j. Whatever the night, I try to have dinner ready and the house tidied by the time Jimmy gets home so we can spend quality time as a family.

Why do I feel the need to prove that I am a good "working" mom? Why should I have to defend my love of a career? I am proud of my drive to provide for my family, not only outside of the home but in.  I know that the time I give to my family is quality, and I take raising a responsible and capable young man seriously. I love my work life and I love my home life but those don't have to be exclusive. I hate to sound cliche' but I really do love my life.  I don't feel the need to say being a stay at home mom is better or worse. But as a woman and as a mom I feel like it is my job to support other woman and moms in whatever they are passionate about and whatever has their whole heart.

This little blog thing of mine is going to change a bit. It isn't going to be just about hairstyles and outfits, its going to be about what consumes me. My love of family, my love of hair, my love of life.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Old Habits

As the end of the year comes to a close and the stress of the holidays starts to lessen something beautiful happens... clearance. Growing up, I was homeschooled and learned my math at the sale rack. "What is 30% off of $45? What is 65% off of $80?" I have to say, my mom was a genius, because to this day I am a great bargain hunter. The idea of buying something full price sends my into a frenzy, knowing that if I am patient I can pay a fraction is always looming in the back of my mind.


It seemed like finding the perfect cream cable knit sweater this season was impossible. I found this one at the Gap in early fall and could not justify spending $70 on it, knowing that they always have random 50% percent off sales. So I waited, and waited. I looked at other stores but none filled the requirements. I am 5'2 with a baby neck, turtlenecks are not an option! But alas, the weekend after christmas there was my sweater, not marked down once, but twice! 
So here you are; oversized cream sweater, black skinnies, the most perfect black booties ever and disheveled hair. 

Jimmy and I were going on a brunch date that morning, so I thought I would be extra fancy with some gold bobby pins. I mean, not fancy enough to actually brush my hair, but more like a "Here hold these overgrown mall bangs out of my face so they don't end up in my polenta," fancy.

Outfit details: Sweater- The Gap, Pants- H&M, Booties- ZARA, Necklace- a gift from my mom.

I hope everyone has a fabulous new years,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pajama Party

These pants, lady and gentleman, are party pants! With a stretchy waistband and silky material they may fall into the category of jammies, if you are my grouchy old dad, but to me they are the perfect addiction to my mainly black closet. The best part is that they were a whopping $7.50 on ultra clearance at Target! 

I paired them with my favorite denim shirt and Russian Red lipstick from MAC. I haven't worn this lip color in years, due to it being lost in the makeup abyss, but I grabbed a new tube at a recent mall trip. The texture is "vintage matte" which is ultra dry, so i topped it with Fresh Sugar lip treatment.

Outfit details. Chambray- Nordstrom, Necklace- Nordstrom, Watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pants- Target, Shoes- BCBG

This outfit was comfortable and fun, which was great for a ten hour work day. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for some more pajama party pants!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dynamic duo

In leaving my previous job, I was so excited to get to explore different aspects of the hair world. Being in a salon consists of days of cuts and colors with the occsional wedding or party updo. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my everyday job, but styling is my passion! So with my makeup artist sister at my side I got to style a model for a fun photo shoot this weekend. I can't wait to see the final photos, but here is a little sneak peek for now. 

My lifesaver tools for this style were my trusty duckbill clips and my Kevin Murphy Session Spray. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twist and shout

With all of the craziness surrounding the holidays, the last thing I have time for is getting fancy! So myself and my good friend Sarah decided to put together a couple of quick holiday inspired looks to save not only time but also all of your photo ops. My favorite of the three looks we did was a spin on the classic French twist.

Tools: tail comb, bobby pins, hair pins, dry shampoo (I prefer Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair), and a great hair spray ( I just love Kevin Murphy, and I used his Session Spray).

Step one: Spray dry shampoo throughout the crown to give extra texture and create a shallow side part (meaning it only goes back an inch or so).
Step two: Back comb from the side part through the crown to give a beehive effect.

Step three: Create an anchor to pin your rolled twist into by smoothing the hair on the opposite side you are twisting. Place bobby pins vertically up the back of the head to hold smoothed hair in place.

Step four: Holding all of the hair to the opposite side of your pins, roll towards the pins tucking the ends in with your tail comb as you roll. Once rolled tightly to the head use bobby pins vertically inside the twist and hair pins on the outside to secure to the anchor.

Step five: Spray the heck out of it with your favorite hairspray and let it dry. When it is no longer tacky use your fingers and tail comb to rough it up a little, pulling out a few hairs around the hairline to make it a little softer and add some whimsy.

Once Sarah's upstyle was finished, I created an ultra matte beige eye with just a little shimmer under the brow and in the corner of her eye.

Paired with a dark berry lip, the whole look had a very modern Jane Austen feel.

I hope this little tutorial makes the holidays a little less stressful and puts a new light on an old classic. 

All Photos were taken by Abby Williamson

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Embracing color

This is definitely one of those outfits that will have people questioning "is that a baby bump?" No people, it is not! It's an extra large cozy sweater and some low rise jeans (that never happens) to embrace the swollen belly full of mashed potatoes and turkey I will be rocking later. 
Ok end rant. 
(Outfit details- sweater- Max Studio, jeans- Paige, flats-Sam Edelman, vest- f21, earring- an estate sale)
This outfit is a bit of a stretch compared to my normal uniform of blue jeans and some form of heather grey tshirt, but I really enjoy it. I've been trying to burst my black bubble, but it is so hard. Black is slimming, it goes so well with anything and it compliments my ultra paleness. But alas today I am wearing cranberry, forest green, and maybe just a little bit of black. 
I paired my ensemble with a Joan Crawford inspired wave because it is a pretty easy version of fancy. All it takes is curling all of your hair the same direction, letting it cool and then brushing it out. Voila! Throw on some black liner and a berry lip and it's holiday dinner appropriate! 

I hope everyone gets to spend this thanksgiving surrounded by all of their loved ones, happy and full like I am so blessed to be doing. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Behind the scenes

Here are a few photos from a 70s boudoir themed shoot I did this weekend. All hair is by me, make up by Rachel Ervin( yes, my sister), and shot by Alana T photography. 
A fun Bridgette Bardot inspired updo.

A 70s playboy bunny inspired wave.
I was rocking a major half up bouffant.
My sister and I double teaming. 

To know a little more about the inspiration behind the shoot go to

I will be showing the finished product soon,